Apple Tree 3D Grafting Prototypes
The grafting apple prototypes demonstrate such grafting and propagation techniques as: air layering, bark graft (stump graft), whip graft, as well as bud graft and cleft graft. The work developed out of my research and time spent farming in Nepali and centered around creating kinesthetic training materials for best practices in grafting, and fruit and nut production.  
Development of Apple Bark Graft 3D Model
Having the ability to link new forms of technology such as the 3D scanner and 3D printer, to create content specific apple grafting manipulatives is a power tool for how we can create educational materials into new forms and techniques in horticulture and agriculture. For first time, now grafters who would have a hard time grasping the concepts and procedures that only exist in text or illustrated guides can have 3D models as well. By having materials that lend themselves to more intuitively play and thought is especially powerful for farmers who by nature of their craft receive a high degree of information from hands-on interactive experiences with materials. These new technologies afford the designer the ability to personally tailor educational tools that create a meaningful experience for the user.
Process Of 3D Grafting Model Being Developed Through Different Prototyping Stages
The work documents my development of my 3D grafting manipulative for apple production. Prior to my entering Teachers College, Columbia University I had no previous experience with 3D print or scanning. I had to start off my research and development through the use of physical materials, such as polymer clay. I let my ideas and visions carry me through with the use of new materials and media, which ultimately aided in my fluency for 3D printing, building, and scanning of objects.

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