Buddha in Monet's Garden
As part of his honeymoon, my friend visited Monet’s garden. Among the tulips that Monet spent many hours meditating on, he saw another zen-minded individual: a Buddhist monk. But instead of contemplating the flowers, he was glued to his iphone screen.
Inspired by my friend’s account, my work explores how impact technology can have on the transcendence of Art, both as an individualistic and shared experience.
Haunted Skillet
While cooking my eggs one afternoon I noticed a chicken spirit hovering over my skillet.
Tropical Pigeon
While living in Hawaii I witnessed a lot of things eating other living things.
Lava Rocks
The lava rocks destroyed my doughy feet.
Electric Rock
The electric rock kept my cold-blooded pets alive.
Island Cats
Once you feed a wild animal, that animal is no longer wild.

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