Educational Material For Low-Literacy Farmer Groups in Nepal
The work focuses on my educational training material for low-literacy farmer groups and families in Nepal around the training and promoting of grafting almonds and air layering fruit and nut trees for income generation and increased food diversity for communities.
         The illustrated training materials were developed with two of my ELFs (Elected Lead Farmers), Muna Rout and Til Bahdur G. C. The materials bridge the divides of language between volunteers and farmers. Presently, only written abstracts make up most or all of the grafting information in Nepal. Using illustrated, clear, and understandable training materials (especially regarding new forms of production in agriculture and horticulture) help to make complicated concepts or new concepts easier to understand, apply, and incorporate into farming practices.
In addition to the printed illustrated guides are my 3D grafting manipulatives.  Both give users multiple ways of comprehending, applying, and sharing information. These materials, available for both user and instructor, allow for a more natural and playful exchange in new technologies and information.

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